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4 Must-Have "Survivor" Songs for the JK-2 Teacher! Ideal for movement breaks and transitions.

Features 4 highly engaging, guided, movement-to-music songs supporting self-regulation and reflex integration, to make learning easier, improve reading and writing skills, while stimulating the brainstem and neo cortex to help with focusing and calming. Easy to use in the gym, the classroom, or outdoors!

Includes 15 pages of comprehensive teachers' notes, activities, and movement rationale! 

 (PDF version included with album download.)

IMPORTANCE: In recent years we’ve noticed a real change in the students that we teach. Teachers need support more than ever to help with the challenges in our classrooms. We've crafted these songs to focus specifically on the reflexes we see active in children that cause the behavior & learning problems evident in every classroom. 

First, download the song files to your PC. Next, connect your iPhone or iPad to your PC. Automatically, iTunes will be opened and you can see the phone in the iTunes sidebar. Simply drag and drop the files into the iPhone music folder.

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Rockin' Reflex Pkg

RONNO: Children's Singer-Songwriter, Educator, Performer

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Listen to previews below!

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Click above to check out some sample teachers' notes for the Popcorn Song!