From the recording Rockin' Reflex Pkg

BENEFITS: The movements in the "Happy Dog, Angry Cat" song are intended to help develop back strength, improve reading skills, and support integration of the Symmetrical Tonic Neck Reflex (STNR) & Spinal Galant Reflexes.



Let’s pretend we’re a happy dog
Get down on your hands and knees
Fingers pointing forward
Hands flat on the floor

Because you’re feeling happy
Your tail is gently wagging
You look up with a friendly smile
Your back is slightly sagging
You’re feeling rather playful
You start jumping up and down (Stay in
one spot!)
It’s great to be so happy
Spreading sunshine all around

But wait!
Not everyone feels happy!
Let’s pretend we’re angry cats!
Head down- look at your belly button
And push your back up to the ceiling
Keep your knees on the floor

Because you’re feeling angry
Your back is arched real high
You look up with your big eyes
You feel like you could cry
You start to hiss - you’re feeling scared
You’re maybe not sure why
You arch your back in fear
Yeah, push your back up to the sky

Now, stop! Look up!
Happy Dog has an idea to make cat feel better
Let’s chase our tail around and ‘round
Look at you spin!
Are you getting tired?
I’m getting dizzy!
OK, slow down!
Now, stop! (Stay in place!)

Now, sit back on your legs
And reach your paws out on the floor
Hold that stretch a while
Softly purr and stretch some more
Now dog and cat – and you and I
Are feeling so much better
It’s great to spread some sunshine
And feel safe and calm together!

by RONNO/Ron Hiller & Liz Jones-Twomey
© Song Support