From the recording SAFARI (SS-22)


"I have heard," said the OSTRICH, "all you have said.
There's a point that you don't understand.
It is perfectly clear, when you see it from here, with
your head buried deep in the sand!
I've been counting this sand - every grain, understand! -
I'm at forty-five million and six!
And I'm nowhere near done - 'fact I've scarcely begun -
Could your God number higher than this?"

"He could count up your sand, Ostrich, every last bit!
As for God, you can't measure Him; He's Infinite!
That's the very next story I wanted to tell:
God's deeper than down where you tortoises dwell.
He's oh, so much higher than you birds can fly.
He's wider, and longer. Now I'll tell you why: