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by Ron Hiller & Nancy (Claire) Goodfellow

Alright, here we go!
As creatures in this garden
We have jobs that we must do
And each one is important
Yes, we know that this is true
We work together, share together
Do what we must do
And working together is just as important for you

So, happily, helpfully, cheerfully, carefully
Doing what we can
Eagerly, lovingly, smilingly, faithfully
Following God’s plan
For every job is necessary
Even if it’s small
Yes, working together is very important for all

As children of a loving God
There’re things that you can do
By serving in your special way
You say you love Him too
It really doesn’t matter if you’re big or if you’re small
And serving the Lord is so very important for all
Repeat after me! So,


We may be young, we may be old
No matter what our age
God wants to use our helping hands
In many different ways
He’s happy when we say,
“Okay, I’ll do my best for You!”
So, doing our best is precisely what we ought to do
Okay, try this!


Alright, everybody, off to work now! Move those tomatoes!
Thank you very much. Don’t forget the peas, if you please!
Someone help weed that cabbage patch. Thank you. Thank you.

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