1. Friends (Song)
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Sax by Craig Hoddle


by Ron Hiller & Nancy (Claire) Goodfellow

Friends, yes, you and I are friends
This I know; I’m glad it’s so
Friends! When you’re a friend to me
I feels so good inside!
Say, are friends a gift from God?
I think they are
Why sure they are!
Friends can take a rainy day
And chase the clouds away!

Friends are a gift from God
Oh, how we thank Him!
God gave us our best friend
Jesus, His Son

Friends, because we care for them
We let them know, we tell them so
Hey, have I told you today
How much you mean to me?
Friends, oh we should all be friends
Friends who share and friends who care!
Friends, yes, we’re so thankful, too
For friends like all of you!

REPEAT CHORUS (into fade)

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