From the recording SAFARI (SS-22)

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I've never been one to brag about myself
Still, you should know of my goodness!
I'm polite, I'm kind -
Until someone flies into my way!!
Oh well, nobody's perfect
But God is perfect - we know this for sure
For He is Holy and Holy means pure
His ways are blameless - He always is right
His goodness shines brighter than light
I gave a few twigs to build a neighbor's nest
I even donated bird seed!
I don't lie or steal, I . . .
"What about the time you took my worm!?"
Oh well, nobody's perfect
I've always been one to recognize the truth….
And I'm glad, somebody's perfect!

"A God who is pure - on the inside, and out?!"
Said the Dove, "He is true God, without any doubt!
God's looking bigger to me!"
"And to me," said the others.

© Song Support/SOCAN