From the recording SAFARI (SS-22)

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"Silly Fox, you're a fool if you really think so.
There's nothing - no, nothing - my God doesn't know.'"


How the world was made,
Not a soul can say
But God, He knows all about it
Why a seed will grow,
Not a soul can know
But God knows everything
He knows all of our secrets.
He knows when we disobey
He knows what we need
We can trust Him to lead each day
He knows the way
When the sparrows fall,
When His children call,
Our God, He knows all about it
All things past and done,
All things yet to come,
Our God knows everything
Our God knows everything
Yes, God knows even me

"It would seem," said the Fox, "I know nothing at all
next to your God - and that makes me feel very small!
. . . God's looking bigger to me!"
"And me!" said the Lion.
"And me!" said the Tortoise.

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