From the recording SAFARI (SS-22)

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Our God is All-Powerful
With Might, with Strength He rules the world
All things are under His control.
Almighty God, AII-Powerful is He

A way back in the beginning
When there was nothing around
God said, "Let there be"
Then, Incredibly,
This planet earth could be found!
Perhaps you're thinking, "That's too much!"
Perhaps you're saying, "Oh my!"
Well, I'll have you know,
God's Almighty! So,
It was as easy as pie!


A few years later in Egypt
The chosen people were slaves
God said, "Let them go!"
Pharaoh wouldn't, so,
Then it was time for some plagues!
"Enough!" cried Pharaoh, "Start walking!"
But, soon he was changing his mind
Chased them 'cross the sea
Couldn't water-ski!
He got a big surprise!
Many hundreds of years later, Jesus, who was
God with us, died and was buried, and on the
third day, He was proven to be God's Son
When God, with His Almighty Power, raised
Him from the dead!
"An All-Powerful God?" said the Lion, "So it's written,
next to that kind of God, I'm as weak as a kitten!
... God's looking bigger to me!"
"And to me!" said the Tortoise.

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