From the recording SAFARI (SS-22)

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Never?! Never?! Never?! ... [etc.] .... Oh!!
Now just a minute! Listen here!
I really can't believe my ears!
Never born? And never die?!
Oh really now! Come on you guys!
Our God was never, never born;
He always was, He'll always be
Our God will never, never die;
This means He lives Eternally

Say, run that by me once again;
It's not connecting in my brain!
He always was? He'll always be?
Oh my, this thought confuses me!
Please, hold me steady! Grab a chair!
I'm feeling faint! I need some air!
You say God lives Eternally?
I think I need a cup of tea ....
Never?! Never?! Never?! ... [etc.]... . Oh!!
My many years should make me wise
But now, you've opened up my eyes
And, wow! If what you say is true
I think I've just learned something new!
CHORUS (twice)

"I declare," said the Tortoise, "If God is Eternal,
He makes my few years look as small as a kernel!
... God's looking bigger to me!"

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