From the recording SAFARI (SS-22)


Safari ... Let's go on Safari!
On a search, an adventure, a quest.
If we set out real soon, then by late afternoon,
You will hear what you wouldn't have guessed!
.. . didn't you know that after five o'clock -
that's the time the animals start to talk!

" I believe," said the TORTOISE, "a God there may be
- or at least there was one yesterday.
But whether He'll last, as He has in the past,
I am not quite prepared, yet, to say.
If, like me, you've been here for two hundred odd years,
You've seen all kinds of things pass away.
So don't you agree - though it's cause for some sorrow -
You can't count on God to exist, come tomorrow!"
"Oh, but you can' God's Eternal," said I.
"He never was born - and He never will die!"