From the recording Castles, Knights & Unicorns

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Activity Ideas: A great opportunity to teach about good manners. In your finest clothes, stage your own Royal Ball using the dance steps/movements presented in this minuet. Why not invite parents to come too!


Music: Ron Hiller (RONNO)
Lyrics: Judy Millar

The king and queen of the castle
Are hosting a Royal Ball
All the lords and ladies
Will dance till dawn in the castle’s Great Hall
And you and I are invited!
That’s the very best thing of all!

The princess is wearing a pretty pink gown
She looks in the mirror, and twirls around
Let’s all twirl around and round and round
Twirling around and round

The prince is wearing a silver crown
It might slip off when he spins around
Slowly and carefully, spin around
But don’t let your crown fall down

Now we’re all wearing our finest clothes
Comb your hair, blow your nose
Are we ready, now, one and all?
Good. We’re off to the Royal Ball!

It’s time for the ladies to curtsy
It’s time for the lords to bow
Find yourself a partner
And curtsy or bow to your partner now!

Now take your partner by the hand
And raise joined hands in the air
Walk slowly around in a circle
Like all the lords and ladies there

The castle has come alive tonight!
What lovely music the minstrels play!
I never knew you could dance so well –
Now circle slowly the other way

The violins, they are beautiful
I can hear recorders too
And now the beat is picking up
What will the dancers will do?

They’re putting their hands upon their hips
And dancing on the spot
We can dance the way they do
Yes, we can dance a lot!

The king is hopping on his right foot
He’s careful not to fall
Now everybody is hopping
Here at the Royal Ball

They hop until they get tired
It’s time to wish good night to all!
Let’s curtsy and bow to the king and queen
Cause we sure had fun at the Royal Ball