From the recording Castles, Knights & Unicorns

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Activity Idea: A great way to jump start your day! Try the movements as presented in the song: jumping, stretching/reaching/pulling, flapping wings (while jumping), twisting & twirling, running on the spot.


Jump Start for the Queen of Hearts

Music: Ron Hiller (RONNO)
Lyrics: Beth DeVolder

We’re here! Wow!
Look, here comes the Queen of Hearts. She just loves hearts. She’s wearing hearts everywhere: from her head to her toes, on her crown and her clothes! And she tries to take special care of real hearts. Hey, we can help her out by exercising with this song!

Jump start for the Queen of Hearts
Jump start for the Queen of Hearts

The Queen of Hearts knows it’s smart
To have a heart that’s healthy and strong
She jump starts her day in a hearty way
By exercising to this song (everybody jump start)

Jump start!
Stretch ‘way up high
Jump start!
Pull those dragons down from the sky
Jump start!
You gotta put your heart in it; now, don’t be shy
Jump start, for the Queen of Hearts
Jump start, for the Queen of Hearts

This funny Queen flaps her wings
Just like those fairies flyin’ around
She twists and twirls, soars and whirls
Then flutters back to the ground (everybody jump start)


Just for fun she likes to run
It gets her breathin’, pullin’ in air
Yeah, right on the spot, give it all you’ve got
Keep goin’ now we’re almost there (everybody jump start)