From the recording Castles, Knights & Unicorns

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I’d Love An Adventure With Y-O-U

Music: Ron Hiller (RONNO)
Lyrics: Beth DeVolder

Activity Ideas: Spell Y-O-U with your arms.
Extension: What other words can you spell with your arms?

I know of a lovely land with rainbows in the sky
With castles filled with treasure, and with dragons that can fly
Enchanted forests are the homes of unicorns and brave knights
And fairies cast their magic on most everything in sight
It’s a place of happiness, of fun and laughter too
The only thing that’s missing is YOU!

You’re incredibly great to know!
You’re terribly terrific! C’mon let’s go!
It’s absolutely, positively, perfectly true:
I’d love an adventure with you
I’d love an adventure with you

So, what do you think? Would you like to come along? Just close your eyes, wiggle your nose, clap three times…and off we go!