From the recording Jump-Start Action Songs

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I Like Me (as sung by RONNO)

I like my skin
It’s the house I’m living in
Well, it zips up tight
And it fits just right
So I like my skin

And I like my nose
I kinda like the way it blows
It honks good and loud
And that draws a crowd
So, I like my nose

And I like me
I’m an OK me to be!
Though I’m not like you
That’s OK too
‘cause I like me

I like my lips
Hey, they’re great for catching drips
And when I want a kiss
Well, I never miss
Yes, I like my lips

And I like my knees
‘though they rattle when I sneeze
They just bend one way
But that’s OK
‘cause I like my knees


Now, I like my feet
They get a good grip on the street
You might say they smell
But I think they’re swell
‘cause I like my feet

And I like my hair
I’d like to grow it down to there
But then all I’d do
Would be shampoo!
Still, I like my hair


Well, I like my brain
Like spaghetti in a drain
Sometimes my thoughts
Get tied in knots
But I like my brain

And I like my heart
It’s my very finest part
It’s the part that shares
And the part that cares
Yes, I like my heart

Chorus (twice):

by Ron Hiller (RONNO)& Judy Millar © Song Support