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Activity Idea (doing our best):
With the children in their dress-up clothes, have your own marching parade to celebrate special effort in your classroom (while playing The Hooray March! song). Have kids create flags/banners with positive messages from the song (e.g., “Be yourself,” Do your best,” “I’m getting better every day”). If you have musical/rhythm instruments in the classroom, distribute those among the students. You can also make "junk instruments" fashioned from recyclables (e.g., cereal boxes for guitars, cans for drums or shakers).


Attention, everybody!
Come, join in the parade
And celebrate the job you’re
doing today;
There’s room for everybody
Who’s doing their very best
To join the band and
say hip-hip-hooray!
It takes all kinds of people
Each doing what they can
To make a perfect marching band

All you’ve got to be is yourself
(Be yourself!)
And all you’ve got to do is your best
(Do your best!)
And all you’ve got to say is:
“I’m getting better EVERYDAY!”
“I think I can.” “Of course I can!”

We’re marching in a line now
We’re marching one by one
And having lots of fun –
‘Cause every one is special
And each one has a place
Yes, everybody here is A-OK!
We’re not afraid of trying to
do the best we can
And make a perfect marching band

(Repeat Chorus)

We’re marching with a partner
We’re marching two by two
I’d like to march with you-
We like to help each other
We like to help ourselves
We like to sing a song along the way!
Together we can do it –
We’ll do the best we can
And make a perfect marching band

(Repeat Chorus Twice)