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Activity Ideas (respecting self):
A) Children each cut out an “I” shape and divide their “I” shapes into 4 or 5 sections. They can then draw or print 4 or 5 things “I” (they) can do, e.g., “I can read,” “I can ride a bike,” etc., within the sections.
B) Alternative: Children list 4 or 5 ways they (“I”) can help others.

C) Trace children’s bodies on mural paper (or have children draw themselves on a large sheet of paper). Have them label all the parts of their bodies identified in the song (skin, nose, lips, knees, feet, hair, brain, heart) on the drawings. Referring to the chorus, describe how each one of us is different. Share the pictures of the bodies and discuss how, although we are all different, we all should like who we are….“I LIKE ME.”


I like my skin
It’s the house I’m living in
Well, it zips up tight
And it fits just right
So, I like my skin.
And I like my nose
I kinda like the way it blows
It honks good and loud
And that draws a crowd
So, I like my nose

And I like me
I’m an OK me to be!
Though I’m not like you
That’s OK too
‘Cause I like me

I like my lips
Hey, they’re great for catching drips
And when I want a kiss
Well, I never miss
Yes, I like my lips.
And I like my knees
‘Though they rattle when I sneeze
They just bend one way
But that’s OK ‘cause I like my knees

(Repeat Chorus)
Now, I like my feet
They get a good grip on the street
You might say they smell
But I think they’re swell
‘Cause I like my feet.
And I like my hair
I’d like to grow it down to there
But then all I’d do
Would just be shampoo!
Still, I like my hair

(Repeat Chorus)

Well, I like my brain
Like spaghetti in a drain
Sometimes my thoughts
Get tied in knots
But I like my brain.
And I like my heart
It’s my very finest part
It’s the part that shares
And the part that cares
Yes, I like my heart

(Repeat Chorus Twice)