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Activity Idea (dramatic opportunity):
A) Divide your class into small groups of 4- 6 kids. Students choose to be one of the following: whales, trees, water, air, animals, birds, humans, flowers. With each child taking on the character role, have a discussion about how they each need the other to look after them and what happens when pollution or not caring for the other living thing/element affects their lives/conditions.
B) Older students being members of the above groups could have a written conversation with each other. Students can write about how they need each other, and what happens when their world is threatened by pollution or other challenges.


My brother, the whale —
my sister, the tree —
You are a part of my family.
What happens to you,
happens to me.
I will look after you

I sing to you, each living thing —
Animal, plant and tree —
This is a song for all of you;
This is a song for me

(Repeat Chorus)

Some of us need to
spread our wings.
Some need the deep blue sea.
All of us need a healthy home.
We’re a community

(Repeat Chorus)

All living things, you make my world
A beautiful place to be
I know that I depend on you;
You can depend on me.
(Repeat Chorus)