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Activity Ideas (respect for cultural diversity):
A) Make a banner called “Let’s Celebrate the Human Race.” Have each child make a cut-and-paste picture of their face (using proper skin-tone paper). Attach the faces to the banner. Outline the banner with a multitude of different hand colorings.

B) Have students research their family heritage to see if their ancestors have come from other cultures and countries. Have a special day when you invite parents/relatives of students in to share their heritages.


Coloring with crayons is
lots of fun to do
Your people can be purple, green,
or blue
But any color skin
is just the body you’re in
And bodies get you where
you want to go - fast or slow
But the color doesn’t matter,
don’t you know!

Oh, what a boring world it would be
If I looked like you,
and you looked like me
But different colors everywhere
— Different eyes, and skin, and hair
Make our world a wonderful,
colorful place
Let’s celebrate the human race —
Let’s celebrate the human race!

Once I used to wonder
‘bout the languages we speak;
English, French and Spanish,
But every one, I know,
is just a way to say “Hello”
And that much I can tell you with the
smile that I send that says:
“Welcome!” and “I hope
you’ll be my friend!”

(Repeat Chorus)

Sometimes I still wonder
‘bout the songs that you sing
And the kind of things
your family likes to do
It’s int’resting to me that
there are other ways to be
A member of the human family —
you and me
We are members of the
human family!
(Repeat Chorus)