From the recording Smart Fitness, Smart Foods

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(Ron Hiller/RONNO, Liz Jones-Twomey
* Movement Orchestration:
Liz Jones-Twomey © 2008 Song Support/SOCAN)

The Brain Gym ® Movement, “Positive Points,” helps relax the learner, reduce stress, and make learning easier.

The Brain Gym ® Movement, “Lazy Eights,” supports eye-muscle coordination, especially for tracking across the visual midline when reading. Drawing the Eights helps to relax neck tension. The movement assists the eyes in working as a team when reading and writing.

The Brain Gym ® Movement, “Gravity Glider,” is a lengthening activity that helps to release tight muscles in the back of the legs, hips, and lower back.

The Brain Gym ® Movement, “The Energy Yawn,” massages the muscles in the hinge area of the jaw. This helps to release tension in head and jaw.

Brain Gym® processes are from Brain Gym 101 Student Manual, by Dennison and Dennison.

Brain Gym is a registered trademark of Brain Gym® International.