From the recording Smart Fitness, Smart Foods

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7. HAPPY TO BE ME - cool-down

(Music: Ron Hiller/RONNO * Movement Orchestration: Liz Jones-Twomey © 2008 Song Support/SOCAN)

BENEFITS: Music at 60 beats per minute helps stimulate the limbic system and support positive emotional experiences during learning (Don Campbell The MOZART EFFECT Harper Collins, 1997).
Happy To Be Me is intentionally recorded for inclusion in this collection at the 60-beat-per-minute tempo.

The Brain Gym ® Movement, “Arm Activation,” is an isometric self-help activity, which lengthens the muscles of the upper chest and shoulders. Muscular control for both gross-motor and fine-motor activities originates in this area. If these muscles are shortened from tension, activities related to writing and the control of tools are inhibited.

The Brain Gym ® Movement, “The Elephant,” stimulates the vestibular system to support our sense of balance.

The Brain Gym ® Movements, “Brain Button,” and “Earth Buttons,” provide a physical reference point toward understanding the body’s midline, as well as aiding directionality when doing mathematical computations.

Brain Gym® processes are from Brain Gym 101 Student Manual, by Dennison and Dennison.
Brain Gym is a registered trademark of Brain Gym® International.