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12. Heart, Smart, Musical Art
(Ron Hiller/RONNO © 2007 Song Support/SOCAN)

I want to help my heart
Keep it healthy and strong
That’s why I walk, run – skippin’s fun!
When I move I can’t go wrong

Now, here’s a big surprise:
Movin’ keeps me smart
So come on dance to the steady beat
Move your feet to musical art

Heart, smart, musical art
So important to me
Heart, smart, musical art
And movin’ is the key!

I sure do like to move
It makes me feel so fine
Yeah, it helps me look good, feel great
And have a real cool time

And moving helps me think!
I know it’s good for my brain
And so I jump, spin, march
To this little refrain (Here we go again)


Heart, smart, musical art (3x)
Oh, and by the way…

I really like to sing
To dance and play guitar
Movin’ up, down, all around
Someday I may go far!

One thing I know for sure
Yeah, this much I can say
I’m gonna stay fit, always groovin’
Movin’ every day


Heart, smart, musical art (4x)