From the recording Catch a Brain Wave Fitness Fun

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(Music: Traditional * Arranged: Ken Munshaw, Ron Hiller/RONNO * Lyrics: Judy Millar © Song Support/SOCAN)

I’m in control (I’m in control)
Hey, that’s my goal (Be in Control)
I’m in CONTROL of what I do (Well, how ’bout you?)
Only the LOSERS always LOSE IT!.
But I CAN CHOOSE to keep control

Well, pardon me
But I can see
That what you DID’s not fair to me
So be a BABY…
Start to yell and scream and LOSE IT!
No, I REFUSE to lose control


Here’s how I feel
My anger’s real
I have these feelings, they are mine
Well, that’s just fine…
Now you’ll yell, and scream, and LOSE IT??!
No, I REFUSE to lose control.


I use my words
Till I am heard
Yes, I speak up for what is right
But you don’t fight!?
No, I don’t yell, and scream, and LOSE IT!
I just REFUSE to lose control

No I don’t yell and scream or LOSE IT!
I just REFUSE to lose
I simply choose to keep
I just refuse to lose control!
I’m in control . . . (repeat)
And I can choose to keep control!