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(Music: Ron Hiller/RONNO
* Arrangement: Ken Munshaw, Ron Hiller © 2007 Song Support/SOCAN * Movement Orchestration: Liz Jones-Twomey)

BENEFITS: Music at 60 beats per minute helps stimulate the limbic system and support positive emotional experiences during learning. I Can Care was intentionally recorded at the 60-beat-per-minute tempo for inclusion in this collection.

This selection features the following 3 Brain Gym®* movements:

“The Owl” – a useful movement for releasing tension in the neck and shoulder muscles, to improve focus, attention, and memory skills.

“The Thinking Cap” - a movement that is helpful in the integration of speech and language, as well as in aiding the ability to focus attention on hearing and listening skills.

“The Double Doodle” - a bilateral drawing activity which activates the brain for spatial awareness and hand-eye coordination in different visual fields. Academically, it has been correlated with following directions and decoding numbers and letters.

*Brain Gym® processes are from Brain Gym Handbook, by Dennison and Dennison, and are used here with permission. Brain Gym is a registered trademark of the Educational Kinesiology Foundation, dba, Brain Gym® International.