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7. The Dolphin Promise
(Music: Ron Hiller/RONNO
* Arrangement: Ken Munshaw, Ron Hiller © 2007 Song Support/SOCAN * Movements: Liz Jones-Twomey - except as noted below)

BENEFITS: Use of the Brain Gym® movements has been correlated with improvements in certain academic achievements, for example, “Lazy 8s”* with improved eye-muscle coordination (especially for tracking), crossing the visual midline, and for increased integration of the left and right hemispheres. The Brain Gym® “Hook-ups” movement activates left and right hemisphere integration and stimulates the limbic system for emotional reasoning and relaxation. “Hook-ups” also improves balance and coordination.

*Brain Gym® processes are from Brain Gym Handbook, by Dennison and Dennison and are used here with permission. Brain Gym is a registered trademark of the Educational Kinesiology Foundation, dba, Brain Gym® International.