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5. Heart, Smart, Musical Art
(Ron Hiller/RONNO * Movements: Liz Jones-Twomey * © 2007 Song Support/SOCAN)

BENEFITS: Movement empowers learners, creates less stress, and stimulates communication throughout the brain. Stress reduction increases mental alertness; the increase in positive brain chemicals produced by movement reduces cortisol (stress hormone) and its negative impact of “fuzzy” thinking.

NOTE: To foster confidence and success, we recommend showing children the movements prior to performing the following routines. We suggest taking an extra moment to learn – and implement - the "Hand-Slide Extension" movements* offered in and explained as follows:

Both arms straight out in front, palms up
*Extension: Take R hand, starting from L shoulder, slide R hand down L arm to fingertips.
Take L hand, starting from R shoulder, slide L hand down R arm to fingertips.
With both arms, conduct an orchestra.

Bending knees and elbows, bring thumbs up to chest 4x.