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(Music: Traditional * Arranged: Ken Munshaw, Ron Hiller/RONNO
* Movements: Liz Jones-Twomey
© 2007 Song Support/SOCAN)

BENEFITS: This highly aerobic selection offers opportunity for kids to work towards achieving success with a more-advanced movement sequence.
Teachers/Caregivers: Before having children attempt the sequence pattern involving “crossover movements” (i.e.,“Grapevine,” in Chorus section), decide if they would benefit from spending time practicing the movements as directed verbally at the beginning of this selection and printed here:

VERBAL INTRODUCTION (introducing Chorus steps in a guided practice):
"Let’s take 4 steps forward, 1-2-3-4. Both feet together?
Take your R foot, step to the side, cross your L foot behind the R.
Then bring your R foot back home and hop.
Now take 4 steps back, 1-2-3-4.
Take your L foot, step to the side.
Cross your R foot behind the L .
Then bring your L foot back home, and hop.
Did you notice? We just made a square pattern!
I think we’re ready!"