From the recording Baby Connections Song Time

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(Baa, Baa Black Sheep)
NOTE: Rocking on a large beach ball and turning and spinning in a snow saucer are exciting and challenging games for baby. They give him opportunities to exercise the balancing mechanism in his inner ear. It is this mechanism, along with nerve and muscle
development, that allow baby to eventually move effectively in the upright position and from one task to another.
With Ball Rocking, place baby tummy-down on the beach ball. Hold her securely around the middle. Hum or sing along to nursery rhyme while rocking baby back and forth, side to side,
and ‘round and ‘round. Repeat game with baby on back, if you and baby are feeling especially content and playful.
Special Note: You may also play this game without a beach ball. Stand or sit in a chair. Hold baby slightly away from your chest, facing you. Older babies (8-12 months) like to play this game too! For a more exhilarating sensation, hold baby with less support.

SAUCER SWIRL (Pop! Goes the Weasel)
Slowly turn baby in saucer from left to right and right to left. When you come to “pop” in the tune, lean forward and say, “POP!” Sing the rest of the song, spinning baby gently one revolution to the right and to the left. Give a quick kiss and wave when the song indicates. Baby will love it! Place different soft textured fabrics inside the saucer for baby’s comfort and tactile exploration. An older baby will like to sit up. Special Note: To play this game
without a saucer, hold baby in outstretched arms in front, facing you.