In Your Hands

RONNO's "In Your Hands" is a moving musical tribute to teachers everywhere - and to the profound contribution they make to students' lives.

This song could well become the anthem of the teaching profession.
 - Dr. Joyce Nesker Simmons (Ed.D.), Educational Columnist, The TORONTO SUN

Physical CDs

IN YOUR HANDS (Instrumental Accompaniment Tracks) (SS-01CDP)
  • IN YOUR HANDS (Instrumental Accompaniment Tracks) (SS-01CDP)
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This disc includes the original vocal version of "In Your Hands," plus the instrumental accompaniment track in the key of D. A second instrumental accompaniment track in the key of C is included for ease of presentation. Both accompaniment tracks feature supporting background vocalists (children and adults) singing softly in choruses for additional impact.

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More praise for "In Your Hands":

My audiences stand, and some even cry on hearing this song -- it touches so many people!
 - Dr. Michele Borba (Ed.D.), Author, Internationally Renowned Consultant and Educator, Palm Springs, CA

I was very moved. Every teacher should have copy of this song, just to keep everything in perspective.   
 - Chandler P. Creedon Jr., School Psychologist, Worcester, MA
This song has been used as a "finale" at teacher-appreciation events, graduations, teaching seminars, professional development days and other similar gatherings. It has been featured multiple times at the ceremony honoring Ontario's "Teacher of the Year" in conjunction with the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. It is also regularly used by conference presenters. 

Dozens of versions of it have been posted on YouTube from around the world. 

How are you using it? We'd love to hear about it -- please let us know!